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Map Buckinghamshire England

Buckinghamshire Overview: A slender county of England no greater than 27 miles east to west and slightly over 50 miles long, Buckinghamshire has an area of 724 square miles and a population of almost 500,000.

A mostly rural county of great natural beauty and tranquillity, Buckinghamshire comprises varied landscapes with fertile river valleys, dense beech woods, the hills and chalk ridges of the Chilterns, and many pretty and unspoilt villages and towns.

The first inhabitants of Buckinghamshire probably arrived about 300,000 years ago, with stone axes being found dating from this period, though these would have been nomadic hunters, coming and going, as conditions allowed. More permanent settlers arrived during the Neolithic Era, some 5,500 years ago, probably from the areas around the Mediterranean.

The abundance of Roman artefacts found in Buckinghamshire, give evidence of their considerable population of the county from the 1st century BC to the 4th century AD. The Romans were replaced by the Saxons, first as looters but later as permanent settlers. Early records of the area can be found in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles which recount the capture of Aylesbury in 571 AD. Anglo-Saxon rule in Buckinghamshire ended with the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066, and much of its land awarded  to William the Conqueror’s generals.

Up until the rule of King Henry VIII, Buckingham was the county town, this was changed by decree to Aylesbury, favouring the latter’s more central location.

Buckinghamshire Maps: The map of Buckinghamshire shown at the top of this page also contains parts of the surrounding counties of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, the county town of Aylesbury is more or less central on the map, while the large town of Milton Keynes is in the north and the town of High Wycombe is in the south, these are the main urban areas of Buckinghamshire, the remainder is mostly rural.

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